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In times of natural disaster, conflict or unrest, security has primarily been used as a temporary method to stabilize an area to allow for the resumption of basic services, commerce, etc. Security methods are the fastest and most apparent support that can be provided and produces immediate tangible results. But this method of stabilization is extremely expensive and often leaves the local populace upset about their treatment and the end condition of the surroundings.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the expertise and skills that are needed must go beyond just providing security. After basic security has been achieved, the deeper need is to focus on creating a more stable and sustainable social and economic environment for the population. Lasting and self-sustaining stabilization has become an important part of international business development and governmental interaction.

CSI has an expansive network of men and women with vast experience in providing stabilization support in difficult and even hostile environments. We understand the role of security - its strengths and its limitations. Where security stops, CSI’s work begins. Our team takes on the deeper, more complex challenge to eliminate conflicts and strife between the client (governments / businesses / organizations) and the local populace.

At CSI we believe in a compassionate and less invasive way to achieve stabilization by using Stability Operations, Civil Sector Reform, and Corporate Social Responsibility. So before you consider your stabilization needs, take a moment to think beyond security. Let the team at CSI introduce you to our innovative approach toward lasting, sustained stability and our vast array of services.

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