Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Civil Solutions International, Inc.



"Stabilization Beyond Security"


Images of violent conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, poverty and those who suffer from them are news events that we are exposed to every day. For most, it is believed that these humanitarian crises of conflict and instability are better left for others to resolve. For the clients of CSI (Civil Solutions International, Inc.), there is an immediate and urgent need to address these crises as rapidly and effectively as possible. While there are a variety of services that exist to address the symptoms of these events reactively, CSI takes a pragmatic approach toward stabilization by using a Civil Affairs methodology to target the root cause of instability and create a more permanent solution.

It is considered conventional wisdom that if you give a person a fish it will feed them for a day, but if you teach a person how to fish it will feed them for a lifetime. This is the frame-work of the CSI paradigm. While we enable a clear and concise path to stability, we ensure that our approach and knowledge is transferrable to the affected populace and their communities, so that they can learn for themselves how to fish, rebuild, grow, and ultimately thrive.

We believe that disaster and civil unrest can be replaced with stability and peace by supporting self-sustaining, integrated solutions where local communities own the solutions.

There are several organizations whose expertise and effective methods are oriented towards reacting to and relieving immediate symptoms of a humanitarian crisis. CSI is capable of coordinating with security operators and humanitarian NGOs to align common goals and efforts for taking the next step, which is to discover the root cause of social unrest and permanently resolve these issues for our clients. We gladly take on the challenge of achieving Civil Sector Reform and Corporate Social Responsibility by incorporating impacted communities, local governments, and local and regional companies to team together to promote growth and stability. Our Civil Affairs specialists provide the essential service medium to facilitate positive outcomes for both our clients and those that they serve. This is what we refer to as “Stabilization Beyond Security”.

Mission Statement
In locations experiencing turmoil caused by armed conflict, epidemics, or natural and man-made disasters, our mission is to provide highly specialized Civil Affairs expertise that integrates the affected population to play a key role in the solution. This results in significantly higher success rates for creating short and long-term stability.